Immediate access to your Smart Home

iRoom’s iBezel combines the elegant motorized, flush mounted charging station for the iPad® with simultaneous control of the most popular home automation functions – simply by pressing a button on the glass bezel.


Life is spontaneous.

iBezel enables you to quick access to your home control system in order to be also prepared for unexpected situations in life.


The intelligent system controller

iRoom’s iBezel combines the most elegant, motorized iPad in-wall charging station while you can control your favorite home automation application simultaneously through a simple touch on the glass bezel.

Motorised docking station with integrated control keypad

8 freely programmable Quick Access buttons

User friendly configuration via IOS App

Proximity Sensor for wake up / sleep mode

Additional wiring for smooth Internet connection

data communication via LAN



Design & Function

The iPad, for good reasons, has become the favorite device for automation control: Apps have the ability to provide a feature-rich, customized and intuitive interface. But even an iPad can sometimes be cumbersome to operate an automation system; “wake it up“, open control App and find the right control. With iRoom’ s iBezel you decide, where immediate access to your favorite controls is needed. The independently programmable keypad is incorporated into the glass bezel giving the end-user direct access to their most commonly used functions. iRoom’ s iBezel can be integrated with the most popular control brands or can be used as a standalone control solution through IP direct commands assigned to the buttons on the bezel. Marc Hofer (CEO) explains: “A common criticism of using the iPad is that it needs to ‘wake up’ and you need to navigate to the control App before you can do anything with it. The iBezel adds eight hard buttons on the exterior of the dock, which means Integrators can program the most common functions into the product to provide immediate access to th lights, AV Systems, HVAC, whatever you like.”


iPad + iBezel= Control

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iBezel for iPad Air/Air 2
€ 1.536,48 exkl. Ust

iBezel for iPad Air/Air 2
€ 1.536,48 exkl. Ust